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Pioneer Group is established in 1999 in Taiwan. In order to offer Aquaculture Industry's need, we especially organize our company as a team of Professional Mechanical Engineer, Reputed Aquaculture Specialist, and Site installation technicians to develop the innovative and cost-effective machine with the consideration of durability and customers' profitability.

We always keep a close eye on the overall production process ensuring that international norms of manufacturing are ethically followed. High quality Fine Bubble Diffuser Sun Asia Aeration Int'l Co., Ltd. supplies with specification and description particularized listed for your reference.

Fine Bubble Diffuser

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Product Name :

Fine Bubble Diffuser

Characteristic :

Type/Diameter PD-175
is phased out
PD-225 PD-325
(Minimum 1,000pcs)
MATERIAL Holder Disc Reinforced ABS or PP Reinforced ABS or PP Reinforced ABS or PP
Gasket "O" Ring ABS or PP ABS or PP ABS or PP
Circular Cover Reinforced ABS or PP Reinforced ABS or PP Reinforced ABS or PP
Membrane High Grade EPDM or TPE High Grade EPDM or TPE High Grade EPDM or TPE
OPERATION Air Flow 0.02 ~ 0.08 CMM 0.02 ~ 0.12 CMM 0.02 ~ 0.12 CMM
Connection R 3/4" NPT Male R 3/4" NPT Male R 3/4" NPT Male
Dissolved Oxygen Efficient 23% 4.7m Water Depth,
0.05 SCMM Air Flow, 20ºC
26% 4.7m Water Depth, 0.05 SCMM Air Flow, 20ºC 26% 4.7m Water Depth,
0.05 SCMM Air Flow, 20ºC
Head Loss 200mm H2O
20ºC, 0.05 SCMM Air Flow
200mm H2O
20ºC, 0.075 SCMM air flow
200mm H2O
20ºC, 0.075 SCMM Air Flow

High Efficiency of Oxygen Transfer From Air to Sewage
  1. When air flows through Fine Bubble Diffuser, the air can be divided into very large number of fine bubbles ascending slowly in sewage. Because of a large number of fine bubbles in optimum size can stay in sewage for much longer time than air without flowing through the diffuser. Meanwhile, fine bubbles can have very large gas-liquid contract surface with sewage. Hence, highly efficiency of the oxygen transfer from air to sewage can be obtained by using Fine Bubble Diffuser.
Lower Energy Consumption
  1. To reach certain dissolved oxygen content in sewage, the higher the oxygen transfer efficiency from air to sewage, the shorter the required operation time of the air blower. Therefore, the cost of the sewage treatment can be cut down due to the reduction of the energy consumption of the blower.
Clogging Prevention by Minimizing Liquid Backflow
  1. EPDM membrane of Fine Bubble Diffuser is with I shaped pores design. When no air pressure is applied, the pores of the membrane close firmly to prevent liquid backflow. Reliably intermittent aeration then avoid pore clogging of the membrane.
The center of Fine Bubble Diffuser membrane is with three-O-rings design. When air flow shut off, the smallest one of three O-rings will fit tightly into the intake opening of the support disc of the diffuser due to water pressure. At same time, the other two O-rings will attach tightly on the surface of the support disc. The blockage of the opening can stop liquid backflow into the air pipe system, then prevent the pore clogging go the membrane. Application
  1. Bio-Logical Wastewater Treatment
  2. Aquatic Products
  3. Fishery Spot
  4. Activated Sludge Systems
  5. Sequencing Batch Reactor
  6. Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plans
  7. Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants
  8. Oxygenation For Sludge Digestion
  9. Ozone Diffusion In Water
  10. Contact Aeration System

Remarks :

  • The Manufacturer Reserves The Right To Change Specification Without Prior Notice.
  • Pioneer Group has not authorized any other company in "Taiwan" to be its representative or distributor, please note only "Pioneer Group" can offer you the "Authentic Pioneer" products !

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