Advantage and Characteristic of Pioneer Grouper’s Air-injector

Advantage and Characteristic of Pioneer Grouper’s Air-injector

Dear Esteemed Customer,


We are pleased to introduce Pioneer’s Air-Injector to you. It provides powerful water circulation and high efficiency to the deeper area under the water.


Advantages of Pioneer Air-Injector:

1. Increasing higher efficiency of oxygen transfer, excellent water mixing and circulation pattern in short time.

2. Decomposing harmful material or gas.

3. Circulating water will reactivate with the bottom of the pond, establishing and maintaining a better water quality.

4. Best equipment to be used together with the Paddlewheel Aerator.

5. Suitable for farms and ponds that culture all kinds of aquaculture creatures.

6. Treatment for waste water.


Characteristic of the design of Pioneer’s Air-Injector:

1. Light Weight, Easy Installation, Available Transportation, and lower Maintenance

2. Best Quality Waterproof Motor

3. 100% new material and one-piece molded HDPE Housing & Float

4. #304 Stainless Steel Impeller

5. #304 Stainless Steel Adjust

6. #304 Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket

7. #304 Stainless Steel Frame

8. #304 Stainless Steel Setting Bar Fixing Ring

9. Offer extra advantages for water depth more than 1.5m


To get more information of Pioneer’s Air-Injector, please feel free to contact us We are very glad to provide all kinds of assistances to you anytime!