Advantage and Characteristic of Pioneer Grouper’s Paddlewheel Aerators

Advantage and Characteristic of Pioneer Grouper’s Paddlewheel Aerators

Dear Esteemed Customer,


According to researches from various institutions, using paddlewheels for aeration in aquaculture ponds brings down costs and is also much more effective than using others equipments.


Pioneer Group produces various types of paddlewheel aerators for your choices, and it’s our pleasure to introduce advantages and characteristics with you by following information:


Advantages of Paddlewheel Aerators:

1. Increased productivity

2. Average the oxygen dissolving

3. Adjust water temperature

4. Water circulation

5. Air exposing

6. Dirty Stuffs centralize

7. Maintain good water quality


Characteristic of Pioneer’s Paddlewheel Aerators:

1. High Quality Motor

2. Low Friction Coefficient Reducer

3. High Performance Nylon Impeller

4. One-Piece Mold Nylon Bearing

5. High Resist Impact HDPE Float

6. High Energy Saving and Oxygenation Performance

7. Easy to transport, install, and maintain.


Except the high quality equipments, we could also provide the comprehensive planning for the arrangement of aerators, should you have any related demands, please feel free to contact us anytime.