Advantages of using HDPE Pond Liner in aquaculture,,,

Dear Esteemed Customer,

We are very pleased to introduce you advantages of using HDPE Pond Liner in aquaculture sector:


 1. Reduce Shrimp Virus

Since the protective environment surrounds the water, it can reduce the shrimp virus.

2. Harvesting Increase

It can increase your production and very easy to harvest.

3. Improve Water Quality

It can improve the water quality and prevent the water leakage.

4. Shorter Pond Cleaning Time

HDPE Pond Liner can prevent the soil pollution.

5. Aerator More Efficient

It can prevent the oxygen’s losing into soil.

6. Feed Loss Decrease

It can prevent the feeds mix with the soil at the bed of the pond.

7. Less Usage of Lime

Since you don’t have to maintain the soil, you don’t have to use too much lime.


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