AI system detects early warning of stress symptoms in farmed shrimp

AI system detects early warning of stress symptoms in farmed shrimp

A team of researchers have developed an AI-based computer vision system that allows early detection and monitoring of growth, population size, mortality and stress in farmed shrimp.


Led by the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) – in partnership with shrimp farming pioneers Oceanloop and Sander Holding, experts in water treatment systems – the MonitorShrimp project has involved a team of researchers and engineers who have developed a computer-vision-based system that can count the number of shrimp and measure their length at up to 95 percent accuracy. This was achieved in real-time and under actual farming conditions, i.e., under high stock densities and in cloudy water.


The system offers aquaculture companies a better understanding of how their livestock is performing, but also how to farm them ethically. The new technology was developed to meet the needs of Europe’s land-based shrimp farms, which are increasingly focused on improving sustainability and animal welfare.


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