Arrange the pond aerators correctly

Arrange the pond aerators correctly

Shrimp Farmers need good pond management to ensure good water quality and optimal shrimp health.

Aerators are an important tool for providing oxygen, and pushing the sludge towards the drain.

The Alune provide some general recommendations for pond bottom management including arrange the aerator correctly as below,

Each pond requires a certain number of aerators to ensure both oxygen support and sediment collection, but this will vary depending on the pond size and the stocking density.

As for arranging the aerators, it is important to ensure that all sides and corners of the pond are covered to not leave any sludge untouched. There are two main design types: parallel and diagonal (see figure below for illustration).


Ponds aerators location

Of these two, parallel arrangement is not recommended because it leaves more dead or uncovered spots. With diagonal arrangements, the water current is distributed in a wider area, significantly reducing the dead spots. A study in 2018 shows that compared to parallel arrangement, diagonal arrangement is more efficient in pushing sludge to the central area and produces higher oxygen concentration values.

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