Comparison of Paddlewheel Aerator & Air Injector

Comparison of Paddlewheel Aerator & Air Injector

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It’s our honor to introduce Comparison of Paddlewheel Aerator & Air Injector as below details:

Pioneer’s Paddlewheel Aerator could provide very sufficient oxygenation into the pond and work individually in shrimp or fish farm when the depth is not more than 1.5 meters. But when the depth is deeper than 1.5 meters, it’s recommended to operate together with Air-Injector.


According to the above comparison list, it is understood that one of the most important differences between these 2 models is the "Paddlewheel Aerator" can provide both vertical & horizontal water currents instead of "Air-Injector" can offer either vertical or horizontal water currents only.


Besides, to obtain a better performance in the pond, Air-Injector is suggested to work together with the Paddlewheel Aerator.


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