Enhanced oxygen and exercise helps to optimize trout

Enhanced oxygen and exercise helps to optimize trout


Exercise and oxygen shown to optimize trout growth


Providing rainbow trout with enhanced oxygen and exercise levels helps to improve growth performance and cardiac health.


A study, published in Aquaculture Research under the title “The effects of swimming exercise and dissolved oxygen on growth performance, fin condition and survival of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss” conducted a trial to investigate the impact of swimming exercise and dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in intensive aquaculture facilities have on fish health. It claims it is the first such study to examine both variables in combination, and their potential interaction, for Oncorhynchus mykiss.

They note that both swimming exercise (usually measured in body lengths per second, or BL/s) and DO can be readily controlled in modern aquaculture systems; and they therefore sought to evaluate the effects of these variables, separately and combined, on several outcomes in rainbow trout including growth performance, fin health and survival.

A result concludes that: "swimming exercise and DO at saturation during the culture of rainbow trout can be beneficial to producers through improved growth performance and cardiac health.
Facilities utilizing salmonids and other species with a high metabolic scope and positive rheotaxis may benefit by maintaining dissolved oxygen at saturation and providing moderate swimming exercise in the right balances."

Further information is available here.

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