Goa to raise cage farming bar with Norway expertise

Goa to raise cage farming bar with Norway expertise

A delegation from Goa’s fisheries department led by minister Nilkanth Halarnkar recently visited Norway to study cage farming techniques. The minister interacted with policymakers and stakeholders from Norway’s fisheries industry to see how its best practices and technology could be used to enhance fishing activities in Goa, India.


The minister discussed aquaculture, especially salmon farming, with Norwegian experts, and even discussed the possibility of developing cage farming in Goa. Aside from salmon farms, Halarnkar also evaluated the process to set up blue mussels farms; such farms are expected to be set up in Goa in the coming months.


A document published by the National Fisheries Development Board states that sea cage culture involves growing fishes in the sea while being enclosed in a net cage which allows free flow of water. It is a production system comprising a floating frame of varying dimensions and shapes, net materials, and a mooring system to hold and culture large number of fishes.


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