Pemalang Vannamei Shrimp Farmers Equipped with Digital Sensors

Pemalang Vannamei Shrimp Farmers Equipped with Digital Sensors

In order to support the export development of intensive vannamei shrimp cultivation, the Bank Indonesia Representative Office (KPw BI) Tegal provides assistance with facilities and equipment in the form of digital sensors based on the internet of things (IoT) which are connected to the android devices of farmers in Pokdakan Mina Tapang Sari, Ketapang Village, Ulujami District, Regency. Pemalang.


"Vannamei shrimp are very sensitive to changes in pond water quality, and quick action is needed if there is a disruption to water quality," explained Marwadi. It was explained that through this IoT device, farmers can find out and control the current conditions of pond water quality so that optimal harvest results can be obtained.


Chairman of Pokdakan Mina Tapang Sari, Riyanto said, Internet of Things-based digital sensors connected to farmers' Android devices can control the water quality of vannamei ponds quickly so that the shrimp death rate can be minimized. "Apart from that, through the application of this technology, quick and precise action can also be taken, so that production costs can be reduced to a minimum," concluded Riyanto.



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