Preparing shrimp farms for wet weather

Preparing shrimp farms for wet weather


Rain presents a major challenge for shrimp farming. When the rainy season arrives shrimp production will naturally reduce.


Some recommendations are from Alune.



  • Use weather forecasts to monitor local weather conditions
  • Ensure that all aeration equipment and the electricity set-up is in good working order
  • Ensure your farm has drainage pipes that would allow surface water to be discharged or flowed out properly
  • It may be necessary to have power generator ready in case of power outage due to severe rainfall.


Countermeasures during the rain

  • Ensure all aeration equipment is working properly to maintain acceptable DO levels, ideally above 5 ppm
  • If possible, flow out the surface water to prevent significant salinity drop
  • Regularly monitor key water quality parameters, such as DO, pH and alkalinity
  • Apply CaO, CaCO3, or CaMg(CO3)2, or other treatment to increase alkalinity
  • Reduce feeding rate and monitor pond conditions. Adjust the feeding rate accordingly

Measures after the rain

  • Ensure aeration is maintained
  • If salinity drops below optimal levels, add new treated seawater (depending on your water condition)
  • Administer probiotics to increase decomposition and nitrification rate. This will also inhibit the growth of pathogens
  • Increase feeding rate in accordance with key parameters like temperature, pH and DO
  • Sample the pond to estimate the shrimp populationand to detect any mortality events
  • Apply minerals to counteract dilution effects
  • Check water samples collected near the pond bottom to monitor the bacterial count. Use TCBS agar plates if available or send the samples it to your local laboratory.
  • If you haven’t already, implement a regular pond cleaning routine. Siphon the pond bottom to reduce organic matterand dead phytoplankton.

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