Preventive measures against Vibrio infection

Preventive measures against Vibrio infection


Vibriosis is one of the most severe bacterial diseases in shrimp aquaculture, and is caused by the infection of pathogenic and/or opportunistic Vibrio bacteria.

In the case of Vibrio-related diseases, it is important to ensure that the farm is protected from pathogen entry via various vectors and always maintained clean. Here are some biosecurity actions that farmers can take:

  • Dry out and disinfect the ponds before the start of production cycle.
  • Regularly disinfect farming equipment.
  • Disinfect water before adding to ponds.
  • Install cleaning facilities at farm entrance, including hand-washing, foot-bathing, and vehicle-cleaning facilities.
  • Ensure everyone wears boots when entering or working at the farm.
  • Use pond liners, in materials such as HDPE.
  • Maintain manageable organic loads by regularly siphoning the pond bottom.
  • Review the biosecurity measures using various guidelines.

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