RAS innovations will take the industry to fully circular fish production.

RAS innovations will take the industry to fully circular fish production.


High-efficiency recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) and integrated wastewater solutions could move the aquaculture sector to a low-input and circular model of fish production, according to industry insiders.

During a Q&A session at the Blue Food Innovation Summit in London, Thai Union’s Chris Aurand shared their take on the innovations that could take us closer to achieving fully circular aquaculture.

In Aurand's view, designing and constructing high-efficiency recirculating aquaculture systems would be a food security and circular economy gamechanger. These systems – which would have minimal water use and could be implemented anywhere in the world – could give small communities and urban centres reliable access to sustainable animal protein.

Aurand noted that countries with desert climates like the United Arab Emirates are investing heavily in the area. Dispersing RAS units has the potential to bring seafood to the masses while reducing the overall carbon footprint of fish production – and could become more economical as additional units come online.

The concluded by saying that though there are challenges ahead, and that the industry is on a good path. The shift from sustainable to circular could be closer than expected.

Above is extract from  https://thefishsite.com/articles/what-ras-innovations-will-take-the-industry-to-fully-circular-fish-production-mark-rottmann-chris-aurand

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