Seafood businesses and the problem of carbon neutrality

Seafood businesses and the problem of carbon neutrality

In early October, the media simultaneously reported that EU member states would begin piloting the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). CBAM is a policy instrument designed to address the risk of carbon leakage associated with imports into the European Union (EU).


Nowadays, the phrase sustainable development is very current and popular and every phrase in economic activities and social life is associated with the word GREEN. Another point to note, businesses that trade with customers from the EU will be given many contents by their partners to pay attention to, pay attention to, and enforce around the issue of controlling and minimizing emissions.


Currently, in EU supermarkets there are products from our crops labeled carbon neutral. This trend cannot be reversed, our businesses must join hands now in order to survive and especially thrive in the context of being slow and losing. We should also point out the difficulties facing our seafood businesses.

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