The circular economy, Pond Liner is using in circular ponds...

The circular economy, Pond Liner is using in circular ponds...



Refer to the news, by by Asep Bulkini


Circular shrimp ponds are increasingly being used by small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs in Indonesia, from the news,


The trend of small-sized shrimp ponds has shifted towards circular designs, typically with a diameter of 5 to 30 meters. This type of farm is popular among young farmers, while the government and private companies are also participating in developing this kind of pond as a pilot for millennials and small-scale farmers.


Generally, circular shrimp ponds are constructed using wire mesh or bamboo as the frame and HDPE as the inner lining. However, there are also those who use combination galvanized steel and fibreglass. The diameter of the ponds varies from 3 to 30 meters.


The advantages of the circular design include the ease of ensuring water circulation, so the waste is more easily removed through the central drain. A smaller pond size makes it easier to combine with new technologies, such as RAS (recirculating aquaculture system).


The HDPE lining is an ideal lining for circular pond with below feature,


  1. Shorter Pond Cleaning Time
  2. Aeration More Efficient
  3. Feed Loss Decrease.
  4. Harvesting Increase
  5. Less Usage of Lime
  6. Improve Water Quality
  7. Reduce The Shrimp Virus


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