The efficient aerators improve shrimp farming efficiency.


Aerators, which help for increasing shrimp stocking densities and larger feeds input. A study analyzing the aeration devices used in shrimp farms suggests some recommendations to make the use of aerators more efficient:

  1. A good rule for install aerator is about 2 hp/t for floating, electric aerators and 3 hp/t for longarm aerators.
  2. Reduce energy use by matching motors or engines with loads imposed by aerators.
  3. Further reduce energy use by staging operation schedule with proportion of installed aeration capacity in use and daily hours of operation increasing from stocking to harvest with respect to the amount of shrimp biomass.
  4. Promote use of factoryfabricated paddlewheel aerators rather than relying on farmmade aerators.

The full study was published in the Journal of the World Aquaculture Society, under the title Aerator energy use in shrimp farming and means for improvement, and the research was funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation &  


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