The Paddlewheel aerators is recommended for aeration in BioFloc System.

The Paddlewheel aerators is recommended for aeration in BioFloc System.

Article from The Fish Site, Ten easy steps towards biofloc production of shrimp or tilapia by Jonah van Beijnen and Gregg Yan.

Originally conceived as a natural way to clean water, biofloc systems are becoming increasingly popular as a low-cost means of cleaning the culture water of fish and shrimp farms while simultaneously providing an additional source of feed

All biofloc systems require constant motion to maintain both high oxygen levels and to keep solids from settling. Areas without movement will rapidly lose oxygen and turn into anaerobic zones which release large amounts of ammonia and methane.

To prevent this, every pond, tank or raceway system needs a well-planned layout of aerators. Ponds typically use paddlewheel aerators. Biofloc systems require up to 6mg of oxygen per liter per hour and it is recommended to start with at least 30 horsepower of aerators per hectare. But, depending on the intensity and productivity of the system, this number can reach as high as 200 horsepower per hectare

Paddlewheel aerators should be installed strategically so that a current is created in the pond. You also need to regularly move some of the aerators to ensure solid particles won’t settle in areas with little or no current.

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