Website newly released products

Website newly released products

Dear Esteemed Customer,


Thank you for visiting our website, in order to provide complete and best service to our clients in aquaculture sector, we continue to develop new systems and products with highest quality.


We are very pleased to inform you that we have newly released products shown on our web pages as following items:

1.Hatchery Equipment and Item

Complete facilities offered: Air diffuser, Instrument, Net & net cloth, PVC valve & item, Tanks, Others equipment ( Titanium Heater, Aquaculture UV Sterilizer, Sand Filter, Protein Skimmer)


2.Recirculating Aquaculture System Equipment

Turnkey package is available.  

RAS designs are customized for the aquaculture environment and scale.


3.Diesel Engine

It’s suitable for aquaculture and agriculture application.

Effectively using dual balancer shafts and oblique gear system make the sounds of vibration more soft and smooth.


Please feel free to contact us at to get more information.