Where has the most venture capital been invested in aquaculture?

Where has the most venture capital been invested in aquaculture?

An analysis of the $808 million invested in the aquaculture industry by venture funds in the last 12 months. Over the past 12 months, aquablurb recorded $2.2 billion in publicly announced aquaculture and alternative seafood funding, across 87 rounds, with venture funding accounting for $808 million of this figure, across 56 rounds. As a key contributor to global food security, with 87.5 million tonnes produced in 2020 (FAO, 2022), the pace of aquaculture innovation is expected to accelerate to reach 106 million tonnes of production by 2030, in order to help to fulfil the protein demands of 9.7 billion people.


In terms of geographical breakdown, Asia-Pacific (APAC) led the way, raising $365 million (45.2 percent), while Europe came second with $225 million (27.87 percent) and North America third with $136 million (16.9 percent). India and Indonesia raised the most venture capital in APAC. The remaining supply chain deals were similarly distributed across Asia and Africa, with many focusing on offerings that target improving the efficiency of smallholder tilapia or shrimp farmers across a relatively fragmented marketplace.


All funding allocated to production systems, including RAS and offshore technologies, were deployed in Europe to tap into expertise from the salmon and trout industry or to take advantage of optimal water conditions and tax incentives.


Overall, investors favoured production systems, alternative seafood and nutrition investments in Europe; alternative seafood and blue carbon (Running Tide’s $54 million Series B) investments in North America; supply chain and alternative seafood investment in APAC; supply chain investment in Africa; and alternative seafood, as well as health and genetics, in the Middle East.


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