Micro Hole Aeration Hose

"Micro Hole Aeration Hose" bring an innovation to aquaculture industry with high efficiency oxygen effect, energy saving, easy installation, long span life and so on. It can be used with roots blower, piping and auxiliary accessories.
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  • Specification

    • Outside Diameter : 16.0mm
    • Inside Diameter : 10.0mm
    • Thickness : 3.0mm
    • Pore Size : 20-30um
    • Material : Rubber
    • Color : Black
    • Unit :100m/roll
    1. Highly efficient dissolved oxygen: Due to the bubble produced by Aeration Hose, the contact area is large in the water, the floating flow rate is low and the bubble can stay in the water for a long time, so the oxygen dissolution efficiency can increase.
    2. Activated water: With the operation of aeration hose, the sufficient dissolved oxygen in the water can build a more natural ecosystem and keep the water more green.
    3. Self-purification function to restore water: The bottom of the deposition of sludge, organic excreta, residue and other organic matter, will consume a lot of oxygen. Aeration Hose can increase the oxygen from the bottom. With sufficient oxygen, the bacteria decomposition of organic matter may accelerate so that bacteria growth and algae facies may balance, which the water self-purification function can be maintained.
    4. Low energy consumption: With the use of Aeration Hose, in the general aquaculture situation, the water dissolved oxygen can quickly reach 4.5mg/L or more. Advantages and Characteristics of Aeration Hose:Easy maintenance: This product is light, durable, and easy to maintain.



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