Roots Blower

Roots Blower




  • Wide range for air volume, pressure and vacuum.
    1. Bore: 25A ~ 300A (1"~12")
    2. Capacity: 0.1 ~ 120m3/min.
    3. Pressure: 0 ~ 8,000mmAq
    4. Vacuum: -5,000mmAq
  • Stable air flow and less pressure variation.
  • Clean air not with oil moist.
  • Solid construction, easy maintenance.
  • Bearings are all lubricated by oil moist, high durability.
  • Made under "ISO9001" system.

Lower Energy Consumption

  • Three lobes' design control backflow pressure to rotor so reduces energy consumption.

Lower Noise

  • Pressure pluses are the major noise source of blower, and three lobes' design can efficiently reduce noise by approximately 5dB.

Longer Bearing Life

  • Less vibration transmitted through the lobe resulting in approximately 20% longer bearing life.

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