Rotation Aerator

Rotation Aerator

Model HP Phase Voltage No. of Impeller Fabricated Dimension (cm) 20/40' Container Load
PR-201 2 1 100V ~ 240V 1 200x170x80 40/92 Units
3 220V ~ 480V


  • Rotation design improves oxygen-content of water, harmful gases escape by water-circulation.
  • Enhance the exchange of gases with the atmosphere and obtains the strongest water current.
  • The unique Aerator Motor Made Under "ISO9001" And "ISO14001" System
  • Suitable for various kind of aquaculture pond : fish, eel, clam, crab...etc.


Spare Part:

High Quality Motor:

  1. Expertised design for Aquaculture Industry.
  2. The unique aerator motor made under "ISO9001" and "ISO14001" System.
  3. Top quality and above CNS standard.
  4. Strict Q.C. to ensure best quality and performance.

Gear Reducer

  1. High quality unique design "Gear" ; wear-resisting, toughness & not easily breakdown.
  2. Strong and durable "Output Shaft" is manufactured of the # 304 Stainless Steel.
  3. Smooth rotation with low resistance to decrease energy loses.
  4. Unique thermal treatment.

# 304 Stainless Steel Impeller

  1. Unique 3-Paddle design, substantial water splash, strong water current.
  2. Low maintenance cost.
  3. Toughness against corrosion and sunburn resistance.

# 304 Stainless Steel Frame

  1. Made of # 304 stainless steel material.
  2. Sturdy and without deformation.
  3. High durability.

PVC Pipe

  1. Light weight, easy installation.
  2. Resist impact, acid-alkalinity and sun exposure.

Stainless Steel Motor Cover

PVC Fixing Pipe

Stainless Steel Separate Plate


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