PA Series Paddlewheel Aerator

PA Series Paddlewheel Aerator



Model HP Phase Voltage No. of Impeller Fabricated
Dimension (cm)
Container Load
PA-111 1 1 100V ~ 240V 2 170x161x87 84/176 Units
3 220V ~ 480V
PA-112 2 1 100V ~ 240V 4 220x161x87 56/116 Units
3 220V ~ 480V


  • Best Quality Silicon Steel Plate.
  • Energy Saving.
  • High Oxygenation Performance From Unique Design.
  • Sturdy Stainless Steel Frame Ensure Without Any Deformation.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • "100% New Raw Materials"are guaranteed to be used in our products.



High Quality Motor

  1. Expertised design for Aquaculture Industry.
  2. Top quality and above CNS standard.
  3. Strict Q.C. to ensure best quality and performance.

NEW~Plastic Steel Reducer 

  1. The housing of reducer is more corrosion-resistant and durable than ordinary cast iron.
  2. The frame is a connected design, which has higher stability and structure.
  3. Double bearing design, more balanced operation and easier to replace and maintenance.
  4. Low noise operation.

Low Friction Coefficient Reducer

  1. Updated high quality alloy components.
  2. Strong and durable "Worm Gear Wheel" (Above "CNS" Standard) and "Input Shaft".
  3. Smooth rotation with low resistance to decrease energy losses.
  4. "Double Bearing" on each side of Output Shaft, Wide Gear Worm Gear Wheel used to provide better torque output and durability.

High Performance Nylon Impeller

  1. Replaceable paddle, lower maintenance cost.
  2. Toughness against corrosion and sunburn resistance.
  3. Professional designed paddle and best blade angle, substantial water splash, strong water current, and high oxygenation performance.
  4. The "Support or Anchor Part" of the blade on the rim is more strengthened and unique designed.

# 304 Stainless Steel Frame

  1. Made of # 304 stainless steel material.
  2. Sturdy and without deformation.
  3. High durability.

One Piece-Mold Nylon Bearing

  1. Made from 100% new raw material.
  2. "One-Piece Mold" design, no "Pop-Up" problem.

NEW~Energy-Efficient Bearing 

  1. 7~11% energy saving comparing with traditional bearing
  2. Smooth rotation
  3. More durable & energy saving
  4. Equipped with two sets of deep groove ball bearings
  5. Easy to replace and maintenance
  6. Material : Industrial Plastic
  7. Patented model
  8. Reduce the force on the stainless steel shaft, prolong the service life of the motor and reducer


HDPE Float

  1. Made of 100% new HDPE material to optimize full ductility.
  2. Resist impact, acid-alkalinity and sun exposure.
  3. One-piece blow molded with absolutely no seeping.

HDPE Motor Cover

Movable Joint/Stainless Steel Movable Joint




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