Power Control Panels

Can be equipped with the following devices according to different requirements :
  1. No-Fuse Breaker (NFB) or Molded Case Current Breaker (MCB)
    It will be automatically cut off the power supply while the current over the preset ampere.
  2. Magnetic Contactor (MC)
    Start switch.
  3. Thermal Relay (TH) or Over Load Relay (OL)
    It will contact with "Magnetic Contactor" to cut off the electricity while the motor has over loaded.
  4. Magnetic Switch
    Provided both of "Magnetic Contactor" and "Thermal Relay" (Over Load Relay) functions.
  5. Power Relay (Aux Relay)
    Assist the "Magnetic Contactor" when the control point is insufficient.
  6. Timer Relay
    The motor of aerator will be automatically re-started according to the preset timer, after the power's restoring from the interrupting.
  7. Pilot Lamp
    Indicator with light.
  8. Earth-Leakage Breaker
    It will be automatically started and cut off the power supply when the electricity leakage occurred.
  9. Terminal Block (TB)
    To be used to connect with the wire.
  1. Components made under "ISO9001" System.
  2. Can be made according to "UL" standard.
  3. Highest quality and above "CNS" and "JIS" standard.
  4. Strict Q.C. to ensure best quality and performance.
  5. Can be "Tailor-Made".

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