Recirculating Aquaculture System

Recirculating Aquaculture System

Tailor-made RAS Designs.
Central Monitor control system is available.
Turkey Package.
Economical, simple and safe.
Automatic equipment and monitor processes through wireless networking technology are available, greatly reducing labor cost and efficient aqua farming.
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Advantage : 

  1. Fully controlled environment for aquaculture. 
  2. Low water use.
  3. Efficient energy use. 
  4. Efficient land use. 
  5. Optimal feeding strategy
  6. Full disease control

Charactristic : 

  1. Tailor-made: RAS designs are customized for the aquaculture environment and scale. 
  2. Complete facilities offer. 
  3. Central monitor control system is avaiable. 
  4. Site survey service and installation service. 
  5. Turnkey package offer. 
  6. Economical, simple and safe. 


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