Smart Water Quality Monitoring For RAS System

Smart Water Quality Monitoring For RAS System

Complete monitoring in aquaculture environment
Automatic Control
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Complete monitoring in aquaculture environment

The control panel is connected with verity sensor electrodes for water quality, such as pH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), electrical conductivity (EC), dissolved oxygen (DO), as well as temperature, air pressure, humidity, and illuminance. The ultrasonic water detector to measure water level and monitor the aquaculture environment in a 24-hour manner is optional.


Automatic Control

Remote control through the APP to set the automatic operation schedule or set the regulations to switch on/off equipment according to environmental change in farming. Farmers can manage wide area and increase production and harvest rate efficiently.

Multi-people Manage Allowed 
Allow personal device login and multiple people login to check data in real time. 

Automatic Alarm

Monitoring all day, Abnormal found notify automatically, instant alarm

Multi-scheme communication module

Equipped with a multi-scheme communication module,
the appropriate connection scheme can be set according to the network environment

Upgrade or expand facilities is available according to customer needs and budgets.

Cloud data update in real time

Update cloud data in real time through networks and monitor aquaculture animals in WIFI or 5G anytime and anywhere.

Aquaculture Farming Model Establishment

Digitizing aquaculture data helps building the optimal farming environment model

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