Protein Skimmer

Protein Skimmer / Foam Fractionator



  1. Remove the organic compounds and waste particles from water to avoid toxic air NH3
  2. Combine Ozone(O3) or hypochlorous acid to deliver best water quality 
  3. Materials: Polypropylene(PP), which is acid & alkali resistant, corrosion resistant against sea water and impact resistance.
  4. Bubbles generation by ventur aspirator performs good result.
  5. Transparent collection tank: easy operation and check waste particles.
  6. Auto cleanning function : Easy installation & operation.  




    Model   Inlet/Outlet Capacity (m3/hr)     Venturi Pump



  50HZ   60HZ
PPS-60A In: 3" Out: 3"x2 12~25 1/2HP 1/2HP


PPS-75A In: 4" Out: 4"x2 25~50 1.0HP 1/2HP
PPS-95A In: 4" Out: 4"x2 40~80 1.0HP 1.0HP ∅95x276
PPS-120A In: 5" Out: 6"x2 80~150 1.0HPx2 1.0HPx2 ∅120x310
PPS-150A In: 6" Out: 6"x2 120~200 1.0HPx2 1.0HPx2 ∅150x320
PPS-180A In: 8" Out: 10"x2 200~350 2.0HPx2 2.0HPx2 ∅180x348

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