Water quality monitoring system

Water quality monitoring system

Water quality monitoring system
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Water quality monitoring system


24-hour water quality monitoring
Upload data per 5~10 minutes. 
helps long-term management of water quality

The communication method is RS485 Modbus, and is also convenient for operation in public and indoor, includs below 

  • DO (Dissolved Oxygen) Sensor
  • PH Sensor:  can be used in seawater, aquaculture and multi environments
  • ORP redox potential difference sensor
  • TDS salinity/conductivity sensor
  • Temp temperature sensor

Other Sensors are optional. 

Abnormal water quality alarm can set the upper and lower limits and notify through the mobile APP.

The data will be formed to a graph for a easy reading and management and find out the problem.

The automatic control system can be selected according to the customer's requirements 





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